Slaton High School FFA and Football are winners this weekend.

Ms. Brooke is the leader in supporting our team — and she obviously has an excellent photo.

Usually quiet Mr. Wyatt (hey that almost rhymes) is aiming for more.

Slaton FFA at Amarillo is First in Area, headed to state.

First time in 30 years for Bi-District Champs says the authority — Ms. Brooke & Kent of course.

Slaton Football Team 2017 under the brightest light.

Slaton High School Team 2017

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TIN TOP GIN has West Texas hospitality for your events disguised as a gin however inside is perfect for a wedding! See photos & video below.

Discrete location inside an original designed border!

The magnificent green is possible because it is Astro Turf.

Of course the Bride to be has the exquisite area hidden deep inside the “GIN”.

Bride savors this special time as seen especially by the golden rays of the sun!

Bride and Groom party in their sharpest attire.

Family photos

Malcolm and Amanda chose this special day (Veterans Day) for on 11-11 they both graduated from the police academy and they are VETERANS! (Thank you for your service too — thank you again!

The SHORT VIDEO  is also somewhat hidden in the “Tin top1” video below — just click below to explore this successful conclusion!


Tin top1

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Veterans Honor Ceremony @ Slaton High School 11-10-2017

Mr. Shaye Murphy, Our Principal at Slaton High School. Please read his welcome address below here:

Welcome address by Shaye Murphy.

The year is 1919. The United States has spent the past year recovering from what was thought to be the “war to end all wars” World War I saw the deaths of 116,516 soldiers, along with the introduction of tank warfare and the use of poison gas. On November 11,  1918, the war finally came to an end. Now, one year later on November 11, the nation is eager to honor its heroes, both those who died in battle and those who made it home, and thus Veterans Day was created in 1919.
The above picture is of Bill Kitten of Slaton, Texas who was in World War I.
He is the TRIPLE GREAT UNCLE of: Kade Kitten, Grant Kitten, Rachyl Kitten, Grace Parker, Mary Jo Parker, Trevor Wright and Trent Wright — to name a few.
These few mentioned above are the 7th Generations of the Kitten Family to live in Slaton, Texas.

Slaton High School’s program shows Principal Shaye Murphy as one who dares to step up to doing the inspirational welcome address, a presentation of the missing man at the single table, and the closing remarks about  we are free because of those who paid the ultimate price with their life for our country for you see freedom is not free at all.


In the video below which can be expanded to full screen; notice that as a Medley is played for the Branch of Service they were in— they stand — while the others remain seated.


To view video: left click on ‘Veterans Armed Forces Medley’ below:


Veterans Armed Forces Medley


Ms. Julee Becker made a 3 minute video with the Slaton Band playing in the background.

To see this special presentation click on IMG 5554 below:




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The MOONS eerie GLOW seems to be pointing the way to STATE cross country (15 photos & 2 videos)

Forever: Just like our moon.

These 2 videos show family, friends, classmates, teachers and Slaton ISD give Mary Jo inspirations to enjoy while she competes at STATE in the 2 mile cross country race!

You CAN have your cake and eat it too. Godspeed Mary Jo!!!

Enjoy your ride as you focus on the finish line.

Mary Jo; The pace is yours to set!!!

May God bless your first state run.

Fastest at Slaton, Texas

Just like the Arrow — may your quest be straight and true.

Friends indeed are here.

A banner straight from the HEART

A true freshman started her journey right here at Slaton, Texas.

Straight from ISAIAH


At 6:30 a.m. we have several ORIGINAL BANNERS.

Ask for the strength.

Reach out with courage to step forward to your goal.

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