Jr High District Track Results

by Rustin Klafka

The Junior High Track teams competed yesterday (Tuesday) at Roosevelt in the District Meet.  If you didn’t happen to look outside on Tuesday it wasn’t exactly the most ideal day to be on a track, but we powered through the cool temperatures and constant drizzle because the Tigerettes were there to compete.

As a whole we competed very well. There were several girls in field events and races that PR’d at this meet.

We’ve had a few performances this junior high track season that were fun to watch but what I saw happen at the in the 8th grade girls 4x100m Relay was flat-out impressive.  Running relays in the rain can be challenging and holding on to the baton can become tough to do after you’ve sat in the blocks getting soaked.  Zoe Martinez was running our first leg in the 4×100.  The gun fired and she shot out of the blocks well… without the baton.  The baton slipped right out of her hands as she came out of the blocks and it stayed where she dropped it – beside her blocks.  After taking 3 hard steps she quickly realized her hand was lighter than normal so she turned around, went back to her blocks, grabbed the baton and proceeded to hunt down the girls in front of her.  Obviously at this point we are in 6th place.  Zoe ran a hard first leg, making up any ground she lost.  She had a good exchange to Alexis Rubio, and now we are making our way back up.  Alexis has a solid 2nd leg moving us up a slot in the field.  Going into the exchange from Rubio to Jazmyn Jackson, we are sitting in a close tie with 4th and 5th.  Jazmyn runs her hardest leg I’ve seen her run all season and puts Kamryn Gibbs into a good position to place in the Top 3.  Gibbs had other intentions.  Out of pure grit, Kamryn is able to catch the first place team and pass them to take the win just before the finish line.  It was a fantastic moment to witness.  Keep an eye on these Tigerettes moving from 8th grade to High School next year.  They are maturing into competitors and watching that relay proved they have a lot of fight.

Our Junior High District Medalists are as follows:

7th Grade
*denotes PR

800m Run
2nd – Mary Parker  2:42.89

100m Hurdles
1st – Andrea Moreno  19.51

300m Hurdles
3rd – Mary Parker  58.50

4x100m Relay
3rd – Ti’Alice Young, Emalisa Muniz, Mariah Riojas, Jayden Irby  59.44

4x200m Relay
2nd – Jayden Irby, Emalisa Muniz, Naidia Garcia, Mariah Riojas  2:05.64

High Jump
1st – Andrea Moreno  4’8″*

8th Grade
2nd Place in Team Point Total

*denotes PR

200m Dash
1st – Zoe Martinez  30.53*

800m Run
1st – Alice Cogburn  2:47.21

1600m Run
2nd – Alice Cogburn  6:16.81

2400m Run
1st – Alice Cogburn  9:44.50*

4x100m Relay
1st – Zoe Martinez, Alexis Rubio, Jazmyn Jackson, Kamryn Gibbs  57.30


4x200m Relay
2nd – Jazmyn Jackson, Alexis Rubio, Haley Arledge, Kamryn Gibbs  2:03.55


4x400m Relay
3rd – Haley Arledge, Kaylee Franklin, Jazmyn Jackson, Kamryn Gibbs  4:53.88


Long Jump
2nd – Kamryn Gibbs  13′ 8.5″
3rd – Jazmyn Jackson  12′ 11.5″


Shot Put
3rd – Michelle Jaramillo  28′ 10.5″


High Jump
2nd – Kamryn Gibbs  4′ 8″*
3rd – Jazmyn Jackson  4′ 8″*


These girls have a bright future ahead of them.  From the Tigerette Coaching staff we want to thank all of the parents, our district staff and community members who have supported these girls and us this season.



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