Olympian, Bradley Adkins from Idalou, TX. came to the Slaton Lions Club

by Jerry Kitten, Slaton Lions Club – Click Here

Bradley Atkins Slaton Lions Clum MySlaton


LION (The righteous are as bold as a lion … a lion, mighty among beast who retreats before nothing, Proverbs 28: 1b, 30:30. The Slaton Lions have deep roots: Shannon Adkins (Bradley’s Father) graduated from Slaton High School some years back. Early in life Shannon learned that the righteous are as bold as a lion. They just happen to live at Idalou, TX. where the team mascot is as you might guess ‘WILDCAT’ !

Bradley learned from God many things; including STOP, learn now and enjoy while approaching your goal. Impossible is actually two words,    from     God I’m   Possible!

A person called Mama Bailey by many always gave her support to Bradley however she had cancer and before each treatment she always held a   SMALL CROSS in her hand.  All too soon she passed from this life so her husband gave Bradley THAT CROSS before he departed for RIO!   

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