Slaton FFA had a REALLY BIG SHOW this Saturday (1-6-2018) and requested the honor of your presence for their LOCAL STOCK SHOW

This leader in disguise has turned into a young man who leads our FFA Chapter

MICAH in the show ring at the Slaton Stock Show showing






In this video one can see a determined young MICAH participate in our Slaton Stock Show on 1-6-2018.

You too can relive MICAH’S joy as she truly is a winner and the judge congratulates her.




And now our SOFT SPOKEN,MILD MANNERED, Mr. Wyatt Harlan asks you to attend our show this Saturday, January 6th starting at 10 am to enjoy the culinary expertise, the silent and live auction and best of all to see our future leaders in action showing sheep, goats, hogs, steers and best of all the pee wee division.

Family roots run deep: In 1956 to 1960 the young man in the middle was a member of the Slaton FFA and now grandsons and granddaughters are carrying on the tradition.

The support from our community helps send these leaders of tomorrow to a real history class.

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Slaton Tigerettes win at Muleshoe on 12-22-17 see picture and video

Our Tigerettes win at Muleshoe.

Video is right side up so I must have received a round tuit.

Watch towards the end and you will see one Lady Tigerette is true to their mascot and true to her heritage as she quietly and quickly scampers to be open and then she softly says PLEASE, PURDY PLEASE throw me the round gismo called a BASKETBALL.


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MEURER – Elect Mark Meurer


Thank you for being here.  My name is Mark Meurer.  I am grateful to be here today to announce my intent to run for Justice of the Peace Precinct 2.  I have lived in Precinct 2 most of my life and I want to serve these people justly, fairly and in a manner, that is respectful and follows the law.  This court is the people’s court and the best way for me to serve is by being is this office.  I know where the law and business intersect.

I have 22 years’ experience in the financial services industry, part of which was helping people save money for their later years in life.  I served as an Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction.  This involved building an organization to the point of becoming a National Marketing Director with insurance agents and securities licensed representatives across the United States. An additional part of my responsibility was to make sure our representatives and agents were in compliance on the securities side of the business.  I was also an Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction over all my organizational branch offices.  This meant conducting internal inspections of branch offices to insure compliance within security laws, review customer records, maintain a record of customer complaints and conduct meetings regarding compliance.  So, I have a good amount of experience related to the law.

I am a business man and involved in numerous organizations and serve on many boards for non-profit organizations that represent our community.  I am currently president of the Slaton Senior Citizens board, Chairman for the Slaton Area Endowment, Board rep for the Community Foundation of West Texas, a member of Lions Club and several others.

The past 11 years, I have served at Mercy Retreat Center.  First as co-director and the past several years I have been the Director, trying to help make each retreat groups experience a memorable one.  One of the first things the past director said to me was…we are here to serve the people that come through the door.   I am also active within our church community in several capacities. So, these things combined is how I have tried to live a life of service and make a difference.

I have had the opportunity to sit in Jim Dulin’s court room to observe and learn the different aspects of a court.  I have learned that litigants of both sides will be listened to equally and be treated fairly.  This precinct is a high-volume court where everyone can come without an attorney and feel comfortable.  My goal as Justice of the Peace is for this court to continue to treat each person with respect and dignity   I want to make a difference in the lives of people that come through the court room, especially the young people. The younger generation is our future.  I believe the court room can be a place to help and encourage all who have a reason to be here.

This court is the people’s court and I want to continue to serve our community and represent Precinct 2 by being your next Justice of the Peace.

Community Foundation of West Texas – Board Member
Catholic Foundation, Lubbock Diocese – Board as Vice Chairman
Slaton Area Endowment – Chairman and Founder
Harvey House – Board Member
Mercy Manna – Board Member
Lubbock Lions Club – Member
Slaton Lions Club – Member
Association of Fund raising Professionals – Member
Slaton Senior Citizen Center – Board President
Knights of Columbus – Member
St Joseph Church Financial Council – Member
Slaton 5th Friday – Committee Member
Slaton Ministerial Alliance – Member
Mercy Retreat Center – Director



Mark’s Cell # 806-789-8456
Political Ad Paid for by the Mark Meurer Campaign PO BOX 54147 Lubbock Tx 79453, Gary Hatchett, Treasurer

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Saturday Breakfast – Meals on Wheels

SLATON, Saturday: Our Meals on Wheels breakfast is Dec. 2, 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. Everyone is Welcome!
Senior Citizens Center 230 W. Lynn. We will be serving sausage gravy, eggs, ham, hot biscuits,
coffee, juice, and condiments. Donations accepted and appreciated. PLEASE LIKE & SHARE

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Slaton High School FFA and Football are winners this weekend.

Ms. Brooke is the leader in supporting our team — and she obviously has an excellent photo.

Usually quiet Mr. Wyatt (hey that almost rhymes) is aiming for more.

Slaton FFA at Amarillo is First in Area, headed to state.

First time in 30 years for Bi-District Champs says the authority — Ms. Brooke & Kent of course.

Slaton Football Team 2017 under the brightest light.

Slaton High School Team 2017

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TIN TOP GIN has West Texas hospitality for your events disguised as a gin however inside is perfect for a wedding! See photos & video below.

Discrete location inside an original designed border!

The magnificent green is possible because it is Astro Turf.

Of course the Bride to be has the exquisite area hidden deep inside the “GIN”.

Bride savors this special time as seen especially by the golden rays of the sun!

Bride and Groom party in their sharpest attire.

Family photos

Malcolm and Amanda chose this special day (Veterans Day) for on 11-11 they both graduated from the police academy and they are VETERANS! (Thank you for your service too — thank you again!

The SHORT VIDEO  is also somewhat hidden in the “Tin top1” video below — just click below to explore this successful conclusion!


Tin top1

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Veterans Honor Ceremony @ Slaton High School 11-10-2017

Mr. Shaye Murphy, Our Principal at Slaton High School. Please read his welcome address below here:

Welcome address by Shaye Murphy.

The year is 1919. The United States has spent the past year recovering from what was thought to be the “war to end all wars” World War I saw the deaths of 116,516 soldiers, along with the introduction of tank warfare and the use of poison gas. On November 11,  1918, the war finally came to an end. Now, one year later on November 11, the nation is eager to honor its heroes, both those who died in battle and those who made it home, and thus Veterans Day was created in 1919.
The above picture is of Bill Kitten of Slaton, Texas who was in World War I.
He is the TRIPLE GREAT UNCLE of: Kade Kitten, Grant Kitten, Rachyl Kitten, Grace Parker, Mary Jo Parker, Trevor Wright and Trent Wright — to name a few.
These few mentioned above are the 7th Generations of the Kitten Family to live in Slaton, Texas.

Slaton High School’s program shows Principal Shaye Murphy as one who dares to step up to doing the inspirational welcome address, a presentation of the missing man at the single table, and the closing remarks about  we are free because of those who paid the ultimate price with their life for our country for you see freedom is not free at all.


In the video below which can be expanded to full screen; notice that as a Medley is played for the Branch of Service they were in— they stand — while the others remain seated.


To view video: left click on ‘Veterans Armed Forces Medley’ below:


Veterans Armed Forces Medley


Ms. Julee Becker made a 3 minute video with the Slaton Band playing in the background.

To see this special presentation click on IMG 5554 below:




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