Grant Applications Being Accepted til Sept 8 – Slaton Area Endowment
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The Slaton community endowment program, known as the Slaton Area Endowment, is now accepting 2017 applications for grants. Grants will be awarded October 13, 2017 at the SHS Varsity Slaton hosts Muleshoe football game.. Grant application amounts are up to $1,000. The grant application deadline is September 8, Friday, 12 noon. Please send completed application and documents to Slaton Area Endowment, Attn Mark Meurer,  P.O. Box 91, Slaton, TX 79364. If you have questions, please contact Mark Allen Meurer at (806)789-8456  Submit your application on your own or Attend a “Complete Your Application” Session at Mercy Retreat Center Board Room August 28, Monday, 6:45 PM, RSVP (806)789-8456.

Grant Application LinkClick Here

 Who Do We Fund? Grant-making policy and grant award recommendations are made by the Slaton Area Endowment Advisory Board. The Endowment restricts its support to organizations in Lubbock County which are 501(c)(3) or the government equivalent. Grants may be made for start-up funding, general operating support, program support and demonstration programs. The Endowment does not make grants to individuals, for political purposes, to retire indebtedness or for payment of interest or taxes. All grant recipients must report on the expenditure of grant funds and results of the supported project within one year of the award. Grant amounts may vary depending on the type of fund from which resources are provided. Grant applications are reviewed throughout the year. Contact the Endowment for deadlines.
NOTE: Beginning in 2017 school grant needs have been deferred to the Teacher Mini-Grant program of the Community Foundation of West Texas which has sufficient funding opportunities.
The Process… The Slaton Area Endowment offers multiple opportunities for the consideration of grant proposals. After we receive your complete proposal, copies will be provided to the Advisory Board who will review and provide recommendations. Additional information or a site visit may be requested. You will be notified of the Board’s decision as soon as possible after the meeting at which your application is considered.

Grant Application LinkClick Here



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Slaton Independent School obtains a talented teacher — 3 guesses as to THE SPECIALNESS!

If you guessed COWBOY —close but no cigar.

Humm —Floresville is barely in God’s country.

If you guessed BRONC rider — well — getting closer.

Left to Right: Rose Marie Pennartz (Grandmother),Ms. Tara, the newest TEACHER, Aunt Gerry Smith and her father Brian Pennartz. p.s. ONLY Tara is teaching – GOTCHA!

Tara Pennartz, our 3rd Ag Teacher is ALL IN with the Blue & Gold FFA Jacket WITH GOLD STATE PIN clipped to lower right side of her jacket.

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Join Us For Lunch Today! Wednesday Community Luncheon – “Whats Going On In Slaton” 7/19/2017

Join Us For Lunch Today! Wednesday Community Luncheon – “Whats Going On In Slaton” 7/19/2017 – 11:45 til 1:00 PM Come & Go – Donations Appreciated.
King Ranch Mexican Beef Casserole – Sides – Fresh Garden Salad – Dessert.
This Week Discussion—- O’Reilly Auto Parts – Mayor Englund – The Slaton Masonic Lodge
Mercy Retreat Center Dining Room – Park in South Lot & Enter South Dining Room Door.

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