by Jessica Kellyprayer

Our country, our town, and our children are in need of prayer. Intentional, Christian prayer.

I am starting a weekly prayer group, Slaton Prayer on the Square. I will be in the gazebo on the square Tuesday nights at 7:00 p.m.

This is an informal, nondenominational gathering for all Christians in Slaton, to lift intentions for our town – for our families, churches, schools, children and teens, our young adults, couples young and old, businesses. I will have a short prayer to read out loud together, and will offer anyone the opportunity to pray silent or aloud for your intentions for Slaton.

Please join me if you’d like. I’ll be there with my children,covering this town in prayer. We’ll be there with or without you, because where two or three are gathered…

I will be there every Tuesday night at 7:00. If you would like to come but can’t make it, perhaps we’ll see you next week or the one after. Please pass along.

In Christ,
Jessica Kelly

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