Weekly Techie Tip #002

Fiverrby Zane The Tech Man

$5 Solutions – Just About Anything

When I was a little kid $5 was a lot of money! Even when I was a teenager, if someone gave you $5 for gas money, you owed them at least a week’s worth of rides. Today not so much, but here is a website that is dedicated to making $5 an exciting prospect again.

Fiverr.com  is an amazing little site with just about anything you could ever need available for…$5. Need a logo for your business, no problem – that will be $5 please. Want to learn how to surf or do the samba? Someone will teach you for $5. Yep, everything is just $5. There’s fun and bizarre to silly stuff like “I will open a bottle of wine with my shoe and tape it for $5” or “I will write your message on a hot air balloon for $5.” You can also get help with Flash, Photoshop, WordPress, Joomla, get your resume re-written and the list goes on and on and on. The service providers are rated by others they’ve done work for so you have some references. You can suggest things you’re willing to pay $5 for or offer up something you’re willing to do for $5. Their motto is “Buy. Sell. Have fun.” You have nothing to lose but, well, five dollars. Fiverr.com

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