Weekly Techie Tip #004

lifehacker.comby Zane The Tech Man

Have you ever marveled at someone that could do something that you would never think to do? Or been envious of a creative idea that seemed so simple? Lifehacker.com is a great site to spend some time with to learn something new. Lifehacker.com has a little bit of everything from how to open a locked door in your house with a paperclip to ways to be more productive. Another great thing about lifehacker.com is that it is a collaberative website. Members make a login and add content or they can join a discussion about anything.

We all spend some time looking at Facebook, Twitter or checking our email but I’m suggesting taking a little time to check these guys out. I personally love all the productivity tips and there’s also a great video clip for tying different kinds of necktie knots.   www.LifeHacker.com

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