Weekly Techie Tip #006

Egg Timerby Zane the Tech Man   Slaton Tech Ph 329-0312  slatontech@gmail.com

How often have you sat down at your computer to get a project done? You start out really strong and work for an hour and tell yourself that you are going to take a five minute break to check email or whatnot and before you realize it you have spent over an hour being distracted!

I don’t know about you but carrying an egg timer around to help me manage my time seems a little too much but what if you could make your computer an egg timer? At www.e.ggtimer.com you can set an alarm to go off after 15 seconds or 2 hours it’s up to you. They even have special kinds of productivity timers you can try. Pomodoro is one that I know several people use to motivate themselves. For every 25 minutes of work you do you get a 5 minute break. This site can be used for a lot of purposes besides policing your productivity but I haven’t gotten passed that point yet.

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