Weekly Techie Tip #010

keyboardby Mark Meurer cell/text 806.789.8456

Here are 6 keyboard shortcuts that could help you save time and frustration.  They are pretty self explanatory. Just hold down the CRTL, control key, and the corresponding key for the action you would like to perform.  My favorite set is the Zoom in and Zoom out action.  Go ahead and try them, you wont hurt anything!

CTRL+S (Save)
CTRL+C (Copy)
CTRL+V (Paste)
CRTL+Z (Undo)
CRTL++ (Zoom in)
CRTL+- (Zoom out)

By the way, if you have computer repair needs, please give me a call.  We have staff that can fix just about anything.  If you need a website, we can also help you with that.


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