Slaton Tigerettes @ home excel again versus Dimmitt (Even INTRO is surreal)

ALL ALONE it seems at first glance however —- Ms. Addi had the luxury or maybe pressure to make 2 free throws at the end of the first quarter. The  video below displays her perfect technique.

One can see with this short video that deep inside Ms. Addi dares to step forward and take the challenge to do her best as taught by Ms. Tiffany.


The Mighty talented Chris Smith introduces our TIGERETTES — just listen to his booming voice.

Ms. Addi and the free throws. Notice the CALM CONCENTRATION as she dares to step up to the line.

Just MAYBE Ms. Tiffany is explaining the game so that the Tigerettes understand, just look at how well the team plays together.

Free throw technique tonight shows that Ms. Tiffany (Our Coach) has demonstrated to our team some of the finer points of success. Ms. Mary Jo deliberately and calmly makes the free throws.

From the opening BELL (tipoff in basketball) to the final BELL (Buzzer) all Tigerettes had success today.

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