Volunteers Fight Fires, Save Lives – AWARDED

by Shelly Parker (FB)
Slaton VFD

There has been some question as to who nominated Slaton VFD for the First Responder of the Year 2016 Award. I did, with great pride in the service I work alongside whether on duty with UMC EMS or as a fellow volunteer. The SPEMS awards committee then votes on award recipients, and Slaton VFD was chosen. I apologize there was evidently some confusion or miscommunication, and when we had asked for volunteers to have their way paid to the conference, it wasn’t clear why. The awards are supposed to be kept secret until announced at the conference, but perhaps the secret was kept too well! I do want you all to know how much I appreciate each and every one of you, and how proud I am to be part of this service. Here is your nomination:

Slaton VFD has served the city of Slaton, Tx for many years as it’s fire department. When Slaton EMS became under the operation of UMC EMS, SVFD saw a need to become First Responders. They put forth the effort, training and expense to do just that. They have ‘officially’ been serving as a First Responder Organization since 2013. Becoming First Responders has almost doubled their call volume. Since I have been stationed at the Slaton UMC EMS base, I have had the privilege of getting to know the men and women of this service. I have run many calls with them, some funny, some annoying, some horrible, and some with amazing outcomes. This First Responder Organization conducts themselves professionally, and it is always a relief to look up on a bad call and see any of their faces!! I have come to trust them, and depend on them being there. As a group, and as individuals, they hold themselves to a higher standard. They train weekly, both fire fighting and medical. They treat patients with upmost kindness and respect, and are great to work with. The quality of patient care continues to improve constantly, as they are eager to learn and do more. There are three full time paid firefighters, and I believe at last count 27 volunteers. I believe Slaton Volunteer Fire Department is extremely deserving of the First Responder award! I am proud to be part of this outstanding group of people!

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