Weekly Techie Tip #003

cell phone wetBy Zane The Tech Man

Wet Cell Phone – Drop Cell Phone In Water?
No matter how hard you try it will happen to you. That brand new cell phone you bought and have painstakingly cared for will be attacked by a liquid. You’ll spill a glass of water on it at your desk or it’ll fall in a puddle while you run inside a store during a rainstorm. The scenarios are endless but the results don’t always have to end with you shelling out more money. I’m not guaranteeing that  these steps will always work but I have saved a couple phones doing these steps.

First, take all of the components you can out or off of the phone. Take the back off, remove the battery, the memory card and the SIM card if your phone supports them. Immediately use a soft cloth or a paper towel and get all of the liquid off of the parts and the inside of the device. If its available you can use a hair dryer on the lowest setting to help with the drying. When I was still working in restaurants, this happened to me one time and I used a heat lamp to help dry! Let all of these pieces set apart for several hours  to help get all of the moisture evaporated, it would best work overnight. Now is the moment of truth, put the phone back together and see if you can power it back on. If you’re lucky it will start back up and you will breathe a sigh of relief.

This isn’t a foolproof plan but it can be effective and hopefully save you some money and heartache. For the record that phone I dried off under a heat lamp still works and is on my desk as I type this.

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