Weekly Techie Tip #005

SlatonTech200Blow The Dirt Out of Your PC
by Zane the Tech Man   Slaton Tech Ph 329-0312  slatontech@gamil.com

If you are reading this article, you more than likely live here in Slaton or here in the South Plains. Living here means you know that we’ll more than likely have a dust storm before a thunderstorm. All of that dust can really affect the performance and the life of your computer.

Dust can harm your computer in two ways. First, depending on what’s in the dust, it can actually cause the electrical components in your computer to short. And, secondly (and most common), too much dust can can reduce airflow and lower the cooling efficiency of your computer. Dust acts as an insulator and so the more dust there is in your computer the harder it is for your system fans to expel heat. Also, the more dust that builds up in your system the harder it is to circulate air through your case, and your computer components will be exposed to higher temperatures.

If you’re feeling adventurous, grab yourself a can of pressurized air and go to town. If you’re not comfortable with this task always remember that we here at Slaton Tech are happy to take care of your computers

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