Weekly Techie Tip #007

evernoteby Zane the Tech Man   Slaton Tech Ph 329-0312  slatontech@gmail.com

The Post-It Note made it’s first big splash in the office space in 1980 and these little yellow pieces of paper have been attached to everything in your office since then. Sticky Notes are great for helping you remember a list you make or an important reminder but have always had one great downside; they’re really not mobile. At the end of the day you don’t want to collect the ones you need and shove them in your pocket. Luckily for us, we have a modern solution for this problem.

What if I told you could make all the sticky notes you want on your phone or your tablet? Evernote.com has been around for a while and is free. You create an account and it is available on any device with an internet connection. So even when you’re away from the computer and need to remember something all you need to do put it into your smartphone. Google has even jumped on the bandwagon and created an app called ‘Keep’. It will integrate all of your Google accounts and Android devices. Keep is still in the early stages so if you are wanting a tried and true product choose Evernote. Thanks to these little gems you won’t have to languish over those little yellow scraps of paper in the washing machine.

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