Weekly Techie Tip #008

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Have you ever had a friend or family member that you would consider a geek or maybe even a nerd? They have collections of things that you have no idea what they are or why someone would spend money on. So when it comes time for a birthday or Christmas you want to get them something amazing but have no idea where to even start looking?

Thinkgeek.com has been around for a very long time and does nothing but specailize in the “needless awesomeness”. They have things for collectors of every kind of sci-fi genre, superheroes, Star Trek even Dr. Who. My favorite section of this site is the gadgets. They make the most ridiculous alarm clocks that make sounds loud enough to wake your neighbors or even simulate an earthquake. Sporks made out of titanium or a bottle opener that opens like a butterfly knife. This site is nothing less than a nerd’s dream come true.

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