Weekly Techie Tip #011 Hire An Expert

SlatonTech200by Mark Meurer cell/text 806.789.8456

Computer Running Slow – Sluggish…
Bring your computer into one of our experts.

Many folks just don’t comprehend what it takes to keep a computer running smoothly.  The experts even have their challenges too.  Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and clean the system up, or should I say… clean it out.  Running a multi-scan on the computer could be the solution.  Sometimes it might take reformatting the system.  This is where an expert comes into the picture.  You might have to spend a few dollars and drop your computer off at our shop.  Generally it takes a couple of days or so to make the computer hum again.  System clean ups range anywhere from $45 – $90 – $150.  I wish it were cheaper than that, but that is just what it takes.  The process is a hurry-up and wait process as we go through your computer.  Programs have to run at their own pace.  This takes several hours of a few minutes here at there and then wait on the software to to its job.  My personal cell phone number is 806.789.8456.


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